Drug Addiction Side Effects in Bangladesh

Drug Addiction Side Effects in Bangladesh

Drug addiction in Bangladesh

Drug addiction in Bangladesh is alarmingly rising among young people. It is now a fatal curse for the youth as well as the children in our country. Recently, Drug addiction and substance abuse have significantly increased in South Asian countries as well as Bangladesh. One of the major matters of drug addiction side effects in Bangladesh.              

Many organizations, such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, etc., fear the proportion of addicted people. According to a source, nearly 10 percent of people visit healthcare facilities with addiction-related diseases. However, the side effect of drug addiction cannot be described in a word. Drug addiction is killing an individual person. This problem is increasing day by day.


  • Social problems


Drug addiction in Bangladesh

Drug addiction is now a serious problem in Bangladesh. The main causes of these issues are mainly social and financial. People with these problems become alienated from society and also from family. From a study, we learn that 73% of people of drug addicts were people who were neglected by the members of the family, relatives, and society. This ignorance plays a vital role & isolates them from society and continues their drug intake.

Most of the time rich families’ children are somehow included in drug addiction.

It can be some reason for Drug addiction


  • Family relationships get stressed and, in some cases, completely fall apart as a result of drug addiction. Their obligations to their families result in dysfunctional families and households.
  • The cycle of poverty may be further maintained if funds are intended for essentials like healthcare and education. 
  •  The Communities may see higher crime rates, burdened social services, and a general breakdown of social order as the number of people struggling with addiction rises.
  • Drug addiction can cause educational problems. Since it might cause young people to stop attending school. In addition to having a direct impact on the people, this also negatively impacts 
  • People who struggle with drug addiction may experience social isolation from their friends, family, and the larger community. The social exclusion that results from this further causes mental health problems and makes it challenging for individuals impacted to return to society.


  • Financial problems

Drug addiction in Bangladesh

A lot of young people have been unemployed in our country. For this reason, they become frustrated and feel attracted to drugs. Besides, a person who comes from a low-income family and is still unemployed is neglected by his family. Besides, the economic condition of our country is not stable. Many people become jobless every day. Financial problem is considered a significant problem in the case of drug addiction in Bangladesh.

A broad approach involving safeguards, expanded access to treatment, rehab facilities, and programs to reintegrate persons into the workforce is needed to address the financial issues related to drug addiction in Bangladesh. The government and society can seek to lessen the financial effects of drug addiction and promote a more positive society by making investments in these areas.


  • Political reason

Drug addiction in Bangladesh

As a developing country, the people of Bangladesh face a lack of fundamental rights. Shelter, food, education, the treatment affect people’s psychology and make them frustrated. Besides, the political condition of this country is also not stable. It is another reason for increasing the drug-affected number.

  • Bangladesh’s borders are open with its neighbors, and the trade in illicit drugs frequently takes advantage of these weaknesses. The border security protocols may facilitate the smuggling of illegal drugs, hence simplifying their entry into the nation.
  • The fight against drugs can be affected by corruption in law enforcement.
  • In our country, times of political unrest can foster a climate that is favorable to criminal activity, such as drug trafficking.
  • Politically unstable conditions might hinder economic growth and increase unemployment and poverty rates. 
  • Comprehensive and efficient drug laws and policies can make it more difficult for the government to deal with the problem.


  • Availability of drug

Drug addiction in Bangladesh

Drugs are now available everywhere in Bangladesh in both rural and urban areas. Heroin, Morphine, Yaba, Chorus, Cocaine, Phensedyl, Weeds, Pethidine, etc. are the most common drugs. The young generation finds out a secret place to take drugs. Sometimes, people take drugs beside the rail line.

  • Bangladesh is susceptible to drug trade due to its advantageous geographic location. The nation borders several important drug-producing areas, including the Golden Triangle and Golden Circle. 
  • People who are struggling to make ends meet may resort to drug use and trafficking in order to survive financially in environments with high rates of unemployment and poverty.
  • Drug traffickers may find it easier to operate when law enforcement officials are corrupt. The drug trade may be able to flourish due to open borders and inefficient counter-narcotics efforts caused by a lack of resources, responsibility, and training.
  • It’s vulnerable to drug smuggling through a variety of routes due to its status as a hub for regional trade and transportation.


  • Effect of drug addiction on society and family

Drug addiction in Bangladesh

Drug addiction affects many families, friends, relatives, and society. Besides, the drug affects much of the mental and physical parts of the people. It includes withdrawal, sickness, asthma, etc. The addicted feel angry, frustrated, and depressed, and react badly to the family members. They can also easily do the crime.

  • Drug addiction can result in lesser worker productivity, which can cost the country money.
  • It often leads to criminal action because users turn to criminal means of obtaining money to support their addiction.
  • It destroys relationships, causing separations and divorces that tear apart families. Children whose parents are drug users may experience neglect, abuse, and an unstable home environment, which can negatively impact their mental and emotional health.
  • It is harder to trust one another because addicts may behave dishonestly in order to hide their drug use.


  • The condition of Drug addiction in Bangladesh

Drug addiction in Bangladesh

Now drug addiction is a central problem of Bangladesh. It is not a new thing but recently spread widely more than ever. For this reason, the Government of Bangladesh has to take hardline steps to solve this problem. Now drug addiction and abuse is a global matter. According to UNODC, 5% of global people are taking the drug. Among them, 0.6% are drug abusers. But in Bangladesh, this situation is the worst. Here 10% of people are taking dangerous drugs like Yaba, Weed, Heroin, Synthetic drugs, etc. Every type of people involved in drugs. A study shows that 25 lakh people in Bangladesh are drug addicted. Moreover, most of them are young, and both men and women are addicted.

  • It may be simpler for people to access medicines if there are loose laws and oversight. The availability of a wide range of drugs, including illegal and prescription drugs,
  • In order to relieve their symptoms, people with mental health disorders may turn to drugs as a kind of self-medication.
  • People who have gone through trauma, abuse, or challenges in life may take drugs as a way to deal with their emotional suffering.
  • The shame linked to requesting assistance and the dearth of treatment and rehab centers may prevent people from getting the help they need to overcome their addiction.
  • The acceptance or normality of specific drug usage, among other cultural issues, can influence how people feel about substance abuse.


Symptoms of drug addiction


Drug addiction has some symptoms. The addicted people have intense urges for this awful thing; drugs, and it blocks out the other thoughts of them. If you are taking drugs for a long time, you will spend money though you cannot afford it. Drugs make people isolated from social and family activities. It also causes psychological harm as well as physical harm. Feeling restless is another symptom of drug addiction. As drug addiction in Bangladesh is now a great problem, serious steps against it should be taken. Besides, social awareness is necessary. Drug-addicted people also need medical treatment. We need a campaign against this disaster to make people aware of the profound harmful effects of the drug.



 A comprehensive strategy addressing these root factors is necessary to address drug addiction in Bangladesh. To build a society that is able to stand up to the negative impacts of drug addiction, efforts ought to focus on education, community awareness, economic growth, mental health support, and the support of legal measures. According to the above, we discussed every cause of drug addiction side effects in Bangladesh.