what are the causes of drug addiction

Drugs are like the venomous sting of a venomous snake that slowly consumes a person with an addiction with its sting. The impact of which we see more in our youth society. But have we ever thought? Lack of knowledge about drugs and drug addiction is largely responsible for this outcome of youth society!

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), taking drugs can provide temporary relief, but hidden behind this temporary relief are dangerous traps. Once caught in a trap, health is lost, and creativity is depleted. ‘Impairment’ does not mean only physical health. Along with the body, the health of the mind becomes disordered and destroyed, spiritual and moral values are burnt, and disaster descends on the social picture.



Causes of drug addiction

1. dishonest company

One of the main causes of drug addiction in Bangladesh is bad company. Dr. Iqbal Kabir said in the first light, “Most of the young people in schools, colleges and universities take drugs to satisfy their curiosity at the instigation of their friends. It spreads from neighborhood, mohalla, bad associations in clubs, chats.

2. disappointment

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Professor and Chairman of Virology Department Dr. Mohammad Nazrul Islam said in ‘Prothom Alo’, “The biggest social reason for the increase in the number of drug addicts is depression among the youth.” (November 28, 2004).

3. Easy availability of drugs

One of the main reasons for drug addiction in Bangladesh is the availability of drugs. In the neighboring countries India, Nepal, and Myanmar, the tendency of drug addicts is very high. A lot of drugs are smuggled across the border from these countries. Drugs are flowing freely into Bangladesh due to the corruption of a class of businessmen and government officials. Anyone can consume ganja for five rupees if they wish. Such easy availability of drugs leads the youth to become drug addicts easily.

4. unemployment

Unemployment is emerging as an extreme curse for the youth of Bangladesh. The unemployed youth is a burden to society; he is also a victim of deception. Unemployment makes the person increasingly disengaged and depressed. Most of the drug addicts in the country are unemployed or semi-unemployed.

5. Social unrest

Drug addicts are also happening in our country due to social unrest. Ethnic conflicts, family conflicts, economic depression, and political instability create social unrest. Drug addiction grows out of such social instability.

6. Parental drug use

Many couples (families) in Bangladesh take drugs. Their children also gradually get addicted to drugs. In our country, all the members of the same family take drugs in different places, including Jessore and Jhenaidah.

7. Decay of social values

Due to modern Western education, deterioration of the family student-teacher relationship, deterioration of the parent-child relationship, etc., the youth is suffering from degradation of values. Values have almost departed from our society into the void of the infinite sky. Due to the decay of social values, the youth in this country are easily accepting drug addiction. They are also accepting drug addiction as a normal need or a way to maintain status.

8. Personality differences

In our society, one child of the same family takes drugs, and the other child does not take drugs. Mainly as a result of the degradation of social values, differences in human personality are seen. So this is how some types of people take drugs.

9. mental state

In society, the mental condition of people is considered as the cause of drug addiction. Drug addiction arises from the fragile mentality of a person. If the person does not get rid of the mental pain, he chooses drug addiction as the wrong solution.

10. Decay of religious values

Although politics, social policy, culture, and hegemony are conducted in the name of religion in the world, people have moved far away from religion. Despite the great power of religion, people have become apostates. Although drugs are prohibited in most religions of the world, including Islam, people are stepping on the path of drug addiction due to a lack of religious values.


The process of finding out what makes people addicted to drugs is a very difficult task. It is caused by genetic, environmental and psychological factors. Some people are more likely to become addicted because of genetics, but environmental stresses and easy access to drugs also play a big role. Psychological factors, such as stress or mental health problems, can also play a role. Ultimately, drug addiction combines these factors into a complex disease, making it a difficult problem to solve. To make prevention and recovery plans that work, it’s important to understand these factors. Getting to the bottom of the problem of drug addiction is necessary to fight it on a large scale.